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Iglesia Católica San José Historic monument built between 1887 and 1897.The Temple that we know today is the last Church built in Puerto Rico, during the Spanish domination that ended in 1898. It was built at the request of Lieutenant General Don Romualdo Palacios González , Governor of Puerto Rico. Its construction took ten years. Governor Palacios deposited a gold coin as the first symbolic stone when the construction of the Temple began. It was the parish priest, Don Manuel Quintana who was from 1873 to 1900, for 27 years. He was the pastor who has led our parish the longest.

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Mirador Piedra Degetau

It is located on highway 7718 Km. 0.8 on the Aibonito Panoramic Route and is the highest point in this municipality. This was Don Federico Degetau's favorite place to meditate and get inspired. The viewpoint has modern and extensive recreational facilities for the enjoyment of adults and children. Among these there is an observation tower that allows you to dominate the entire surrounding landscape, wooden “gazebos” between gardens and trees for walks or rest.


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Parque de Pelota del Bo. Rabanal

The ball park has been recently remodeled Address: 305, E Av. San José, Aibonito, 00705, Puerto Rico.

Mirador La Plata

It is a viewpoint located on highway # 14 Km. 58.2 where you can see the beautiful landscape of the Valle de la Plata, which together with the town of Castañer in Lares were shelters for conscientious objectors to the war and founders of the Mennonite hospitals in Aibonito and Castañer in Lares since 1944. The place is extremely beautiful and perfect to relax enjoying nature away from the city. Because of its height it is super cool and together with the shadows of the trees it is ideal to spend a few hours there appreciating nature. They should go around this little gem in the town of Aibonito.

Casa Museo Federico Degetau

Since 1985, what is now the Federico Degetau House Museum was threatened with becoming a commercial center until 2004. As of this date, the community of the town of Aibonito managed to protect it from destruction. Achieving through a bill, declare it a Historic Place and Site.

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