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Adjuntas Tourist Guide

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Hacienda Tres Angeles

At Hacienda Tres Ángeles, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful experience in our coffee plantation, as well as learn about our agricultural practices, coffee processing and tasting. Come and experience the essence of our coffee from farm to cup Hacienda Tres Ángeles is the first agro-tourism farm certified by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. We are located in the city of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico better known as the land of the Sleeping Giant. Its cool climate and high mountains is an ideal place for the production of one of the best coffees in the world. We have green coffee available from Arabian / Caturra single origin. Our high standard for the cultivation and production of our coffee is the key in preserving and maintaining the quality of our beans from harvest to cup. Recognized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 2015 as World Tourism Champions, one in six in America and one in twenty-eight in the world. Location by Google Maps: 65HV + 36 Castañer, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

Casa Pueblo

Casa Pueblo is a community self-management project that is committed to appreciating and protecting natural, cultural and human resources. It was born in 1980 when the government of Puerto Rico wanted to start mining in 17 silver, gold and copper deposits. Mining would have caused an ecological and social catastrophe in 36,000 acres of land in the municipalities of Adjuntas, Utuado, Lares and Jayuya. Among the founding members who started this fight and who still remain are Mrs. Tinti Deyá Díaz and Ing. Alexis Massol González, together with an exemplary corps of volunteers.

Horario: Lunes a Domingo 8:30am - 3:30pm

Tel.: 787-829-4842


Hacienda Las Malcriá

"The place is paradise. Camping area, camping workshops are given. There are different workshops regarding agriculture and renewable energy. The owners are very friendly. It is a different experience in nature. Near Lake Garza in Adjuntas." .

Las Garzas Waterfall

"Phenomenal, the waterfall is beautiful, the path is through the same rocks from the coffin to the waterfall upriver, about 10 minutes or less, but the area is beautiful. Super recommended for the family. Very good"

Bosque Estatal de Monte Guilarte

"Excellent and different internal tourism. I walk inland."

Monte Guilarte

"Super good. An incredible adventure. You must be prepared to climb, slip and fall. The route to climb is about 45 minutes. The spectacular view."For more information, Phone: 787-829-0127

Cerro Mágico

"Excellent for camping, it pays tribute to its name. A whole experience staying in such a magical place."

Plaza Pública de Adjuntas

"Excellent my favorite square once a year I pass by to have a delicious cup of coffee in the square and the date is always for December to January for fry time"

Charco Las Losetas

"It is very beautiful, extremely quiet, perfect to share with family and children, since it is not very deep."

​Welcome to Adjuntas Monument

Emblematic place of Adjuntas. Mandatory visit.

Puente Hamaca

"We liked it because we breathe clean air and the journey was excellent. We went up the mountain and we found many butterflies of different colors. It was great"

Club de Pesca Lago Garzas

"Beautiful and quiet, ideal for camping or outing, it has bathrooms, boat ramp and gazebo. You need permission and pay a low fee, it is private."

Salón Bosque Olimpia

"What a quiet place. You can get to the highest place where a flag was placed. Also in another area of the forest is the camping area."